Braj Radha Boarding

Braj Radha boarding is just like a family away from family. Every boarder is our own ward. We insist on developing a child in overall. We give healthy rich milk, egg, dal and green vegetables sanitation is our priority. T

he Housemaster/Housemistress is the sole in-charge of the hostel. He/she along with teachers and a matron lives with the boarders providing round the clock supervision. The boarders are accommodated in the dormitories according to respective age groups.

Entertainment for Boarders

The School has TV room, activity rooms, dining hall, swimming pool and horse riding facility which provide activity-based experience and leisure pursuits for children in their spare time. Appropriate movies are shown periodically.

The School aims at helping students make the most of life on the campus as such they are encouraged to show their talents by way of singing, playing instruments, dancing and acting. Students organise get-togethers on birthdays and festivals.


School Menu Includes Indian and English dishes. The School owns a dairy and a vegetable farm. Pure milk is served once a day to keep children in good health. The diet offered is well balanced.

School Hospital & Health Care

There is one bedded M. I. Room under the charge of nursing sister and a part time qualified and highly experienced doctor. Beside this, there is a panel of medical specialists from the town for consultation and admission into nursing home in case of any emergency. Periodical medical inspections are conducted.

Other Facilities At The School

a) Tuck Shop: There is a canteen in the school premises which serves eatables, tucks snacks and softdrinks.

b) Tailor Shop: The school has a trailor shop too, which remains open after lunch daily.

c) Barber & Cobbler are available in the shool periodically.

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