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Woodland Academy School Song

The School Song
In the lap of evergreen fields.
Lies the WoodLand & will ever be.
Forget it not through all life,
Keep its memory always alive.
Let us live with dignity,
Courage, hope and charity.
Honour gained is for the School,
Wits collected, temper cool
Not the prize but just the strive,
Ever lead and never drive.
Close our ears from vanities,
Work and serve with honesty.
Let its name go far and wide,
Within us let it swell with pride.
Put self ahead in all thee do,
Unto Thyself ye be true.

Wooland Academy, Gorakhpur

School Motto
& Emblem

The school motto is

The school emblem is
"Five Green Trees"
merged into one reflecting prosperity through unity, integrity, discipline and moral values beyond all religions and caste barriers.

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"Woods are lovely, dark and deep, But we have promise to keep; and Miles to go before we sleep and Miles to go before we sleep."

Robert Frost