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School Objectives

This school has been started to:

  1. Be an integral part of the most renowned centers of World - class education centre, to foster value based education, result Oriented academics, physical fitness and social awareness.

  2. Mould students into independently thinking individuals and help them growing responsible & adventurous.

  3. Encourage students to develop leadership qualities and exploring them to modern and technologically driven environment.

  4. Incorporate amongst the students the sense of belongingness and the feelings of brotherhood, Inculcate courage and determination, co-ordination and co-operation and the spirit of sportsmanship to enable them to become good citizens.

  5. Lay emphasis on sound ethical and spiritual values as well as character building thereby strengthening our rich heritage.
    Woodland School

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School Motto
& Emblem

The school motto is

The school emblem is
"Five Green Trees"
merged into one reflecting prosperity through unity, integrity, discipline and moral values beyond all religions and caste barriers.

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"Woods are lovely, dark and deep, But we have promise to keep; and Miles to go before we sleep and Miles to go before we sleep."

Robert Frost